Understanding the Power of “NOW”

Be ‘OKAY’ with where you are right now, in this moment – no matter where you are. …I realize, this may sound strange to you, especially if where you are is far from where you want to be.

When you can accept your present state, celebrate and feel gratitude for where you are right now; the universe will respond favorably. It is a law. The acknowledgment and this emotion creates the magnetic energy to pull you closer to the life, business, health, love, peace, wealth and spirituality you desire.

It is just that simple. Be pleased today not for where you are going, or from where you have come – (these are good too and have their place and purpose). But, today make peace with where you actually are. Feel it, feel good about it. Once you do this only more good can come to you.

There is no power in waiting for something to happen at some point in the future.  We have no control over the future. We can only influence what is right “NOW.” Now is where the magic happens. It is where the action takes place.

You must make peace with where you are right here and now before you can get anywhere else. Embracing your now is the magic for all that is to come. And boy, is there a lot of good coming your way!

Can you say, “I am well,” “I am doing good,” “Everything is alright,” “I am great!”

Give it a try… Repeat it a few times… Notice the lightness and relief you feel being at peace with where you are.



This month is all about Habit. I am looking forward to sharing and hearing from you. I am going to pick your brain this month….so don’t be shy, talk back to me. Start thinking now! I have questions like…What habits have brought you success? Which habits resulted in failure? What do you know for sure about habits? …Can’t wait…

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