“Purpose is never discovered without

due process.” 

∼ Gwendolyn Holmes ∼

…According to Merriam Webster, due process is a legal term which describes a course of formal proceedings carried out regularly, fairly, and in accordance with established rules and principles.   I purposefully chose ‘due process’ instead of ‘process’ to speak to the legality of the term.  As you walk into the discovery of your purpose you must understand one very important fact.

  • Process is the principle of life.  “Nothing, and I mean nothing, happens without process.”

Process is not always comfortable or smooth.  Sometimes it can seem down right awful. The pain and discomfort of process can make you want to run back to your last position. There are even moments you may think your process is unfair.  I will address this one in a later blog.

But here is the truth.  You can not grow without process.  You can not fulfill your purpose and destiny without process.  Lastly, you can not live a rich life without process.  Because if there is no process present there is no life present.  And if there is no life present then death prevails.

I choose life…  I choose due process!

All my Love,

Gwendolyn ♥ 

Living life on Purpose… With Purpose!


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