Understanding Purpose…

Daisy-Purpsoe, M Monroe

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Purpose and Vision

Q:  Do you know why you are here on the earth?

A:  Because your life (your existence) has purpose.

Q:  What is purpose?

A:  See the box below


Knowing and accepting your purpose refines your vision.  Once you become one with your purpose you can become engaged in life.  Once engaged, you can envision yourself doing what you were designed by the creator to do.  Live life!  Do what you love!

Vision…  Can you see? 

All my Love,


Vision & Imagination

Can you see?

When was the last time you envisioned, imagined or dreamed of something amazing?   A clear vision is the starting point to attaining anything.  Vision is the act or power of seeing.  It is also the act or power of imagination.  Vision is a necessary sense required to keep moving forward.  Moving forward should always be the goal.

We imagine many things throughout our lifetime.  When we are little we use our imagination almost every day.  Unfortunately, as we grow older, many of us stop imagining.  You may see the decline as normal.  It is anything but normal.   The power to see and imagine are God given senses that He expects us to use every day.  Sadly when we fail to use our sense of vision and imagination our ability to see grows dim.  And over time we forget how to use the muscles of vision and imagination.

As children many of us had big dreams.  We had lofty, yet very attainable, goals.   We believed and imagined we could do and be almost anything.

When was the last time you dreamt of something big?

Have you found yourself comfortable yet uncomfortable lately?

Could it be the case that you have spent your entire life doing what was safe?  Have you taken the safe, practical, easy path only to be left with the nagging feeling that there is more to life?  If you have answered yes to any of these questions, it is time…  It is time to envision again, dream again.  It is time to use BIG imagination.

Will you take the challenge with me?  This week sit for five minutes each day and simply imagine.  Close your eyes and imagine possibilities.  Imagine bigger, better, fuller, happier life.  Imagine living life on purpose…with purpose!

Vision coupled with imagination… is moving forward.

Keep It Moving…Forward 

If you read my last post you may be pondering.   How to deal with the question, what should I do now?  You have come to accept that where you are is where you are supposed to be.  You have also come to the realization that where you are is not where you want to be.

“Now what?” you ask.   That is a good question.  Let me first say that realization is a great first step.  Awareness is so critical for all aspects of life.  Here is what to do next.  Keep It Moving…Forward. I can feel the cyber response, but what if I am not moving at all?  Or, I don’t know which direction to go.

The good news is that you are not alone.  We have all been there at some point, or many points, in our lives.  I will share a little of what my coach once told me.  I was facing major life changing decisions.  At the time, I desired to be in a position where I could flow out of purpose.  I was afraid to move forward, afraid to stand still and afraid to make a mistake.  I was so full of fear that I was paralyzed.  “Can I share something with you?” she asked.  “Yes,” I replied.  She began by saying; everybody is muddling their way through.  We are all grasping, trial and error, a little of this and a little of that.  She finished by sharing with me how important it is to know that no one person has it all figured out.

It is the trial that builds our tenacity muscles and it is the error that develops and grows our wisdom.  Each time we are courageous enough to try we get stronger.  We become less apprehensive about taking on a new challenge.  And likewise, every time we fail we learn something powerful and profitable for our future.

You see, success is not defined by how many times you try or how many times you fail.  Success is defined simply by the fact that you tried and you either succeeded or you failed.  No matter the outcome you are a winner.  You are a winner because you gain from every experience.  Success will involve some failures… Just make sure you are failing forward.

On your pursuit for purpose, passion and fulfillment you will have many opportunities to stop.  You will also have many opportunities to keep moving forward.  I would like to encourage you to by-pass all of the ‘stop’ opportunities.  Pursue every opportunity to keep moving forward.

Whatever you do… Keep It Moving…Forward!

Right Here, Right Now

Right where I am is right where I am supposed to be!

Ever get that feeling that you should be further along?  Doing more? Attaining higher levels of success?  It is in those same moments you might begin to compare yourself to others.  Other individuals you have labeled as successful.  It is also in those very same moments you begin to feel a little crappy about yourself.

May I suggest to you, that where you are is right where you are supposed to be?  I did not say that it is where you should stay for the next week, months or years to come. But today you are right where you are supposed to be.  So you have awakened to the realization that where you are is not where you want to be.  It is truth that you are indeed where you are supposed to be.  You see, it took you being in this spot to realize that this is not where you want to be.  It is that realization which will propel you to push harder, study longer, run faster, sell more, write more, love more and be a better you.  It is called process. 

Process is a thing we talk about, but few celebrate.  Whether we realize it or not we are all on a journey.  I call it the journey of life.  We are all here by purpose and design.  We all have a specific assignment.  And we all have a designated time to get the job done.  

So just for today be Right Here, Right Now.  Allow yourself to be in the present moment. Allow this space to become reality that where you are is exactly where you are supposed to be.  Know this, a moment is just that, a moment.  It will pass and the next moment will become the present moment.  Filled with opportunities for you to continue your journey to becoming a better, happier, fulfilled you.

Celebrate Right Here, Right Now!

Eat the Cake!

God’s love for us is PERFECT.  It is TOTAL.  It is COMPLETE.  It is not contingent upon anything.  It is not dependent on a person, thing or situation.  It is not in the process… It Just Is.  It is PERFECT. It is TOTAL. It is COMPLETE.  It is REAL.  It is LOVE.

Love is infinite.  It is ENDLESS, INEXHAUSTIBLE.  Love is subject to no limitation or external determination.

This love thing sound pretty strong!  But, I wanted a clearer understanding of God’s love for humanity, (that includes me and you).  So, I returned to the official book of love…  Here is just one of the many things I have come to understand and know.

“Our creator (God) loved all of us so much that He sent His only son to the earth so that we would not have to live a destructive life.  He (Jesus) came to the earth to give me and you a life that is complete, full and good, enjoyable, rich, satisfying and lasting”                   -Gwendolyn Holmes

That is some amazing love…

This blog is all about living life on purpose with PURPOSE.  So how does one do that?  How does one live a life that is filled with purpose?  Living on purpose means choosing to live in a way that demonstrates the quote above.  It means I understand that the Creator has already prepared a life for me.  It means that I already have a life that is complete, full and good, enjoyable, rich, satisfying and lasting.  This life has already been given to me.  There is just one thing left to do.  I have to accept this lovely life and live it.  What good is it to enjoy half, or part of life?

Think about it this way.  Imagine that I give you the most beautifully decorated cake that you have ever seen.  (I love to bake… so a cake it is)  It is decorated in a way that just screams you.  It depicts what you love, your personality, your favorite colors.  You can tell this cake was made just for you.  It is literally a work of art.  The icing is your absolute favorite flavor and the cake itself is so divinely chocolate, strawberry, white or yellow.   You decide…  This is your cake so imagine it however you choose. The key is that I am giving you this cake and it is amazing in every way that a cake can be amazing.  Looking at the cake you take in a deep cleansing breath and then you exhale.  When you look at this beautiful work of art you feel a rush of joy and happiness filling your soul.  You smile and allow your mind to imagine all of the wonderful possibilities this cake will bring.  And that is where the story ends.

But STOP!  Something is wrong.  Can you see what is wrong with this picture?  I have given you this amazing cake and you are yet to actually take it from me.  You are yet to ask for a knife and enjoy a slice.  You are yet to offer me a slice!  Somewhere deep in your heart you believe the cake is too beautiful to cut and enjoy… But, cake was meant to be eaten.

Cake was meant to be eaten and enjoyed.  And this, my friend, is the challenge that many of us face today.  The cake in this blog post represents life.  Many of us are not enjoying life.  The rhetorical question on the table sounds something like this.  Is it really possible to enjoy life?  Only rich and famous people really enjoy life.  How can I enjoy life?  All I do is work.

To truly receive and enjoy the cake one must claim ownership, cut a slice, put it on a plate, grab a fork, sink the fork in, and, yes, enjoy the first bite.  Take a moment and savor the sweet melodious notes of vanilla and chocolate, enjoy the creamy essence of butter and milk, and most importantly allow the sweet sugar to tickle your toes.  Take in every bit of enjoyment you can extract from this first bite.  Now pause and realize you have an entire slice left on you plate to enjoy today.  Wait, pause a gain.  Because you just realized that you have an entire cake that is all yours to enjoy, to share, to savor and to remember.

This cake that we have been talking about is your life.  You have been given a life that is meant to be complete, full and good, enjoyable, rich, satisfying and lasting.  Decide today that you want to enjoy the whole cake, I mean your whole life.  And remember to take it one slice at a time.


All my Love,


Intentional Love

February is known as the month of Love.  On February 14th, many consumers will go all out to show their love, on this ‘one’ day.  In the Kingdom of God, however, we declare every day as a day of love.  This year, for the month of February, I decided to embark upon an intentional journey of Love.  I am calling it, “21 Days of Intentional Acts of Love”.  What does this mean, you might be asking?  I will explain.  I plan to be intentional for the next 21 days, demonstrating acts of love and kindness towards my husband, Dewayne.  We have been married for 23 years. We are friends, partners, lovers and have a beautiful family together.  BUT… Here comes the BUT…  But, sometimes in life we get really busy being about the business of life.  In that business we can take our loved ones for granted.  So this February instead of celebrating ‘one’ day, February 14th, Valentine’s Day.  I will do something a little different.

I will intentionally, (plan on purpose to), demonstrate Acts of Love to my husband, through…

  • Special cards and love notes
  • Words of ‘Positive” affirmation
  • Acts of kindness
  • Loving and gentle touches
  • Unexpected gifts
  • Favors
  • Random text messages (for not reason other than to say…”your super, thinking about you…”)
  • Taking him to lunch or dinner
  • Preparing his favorite meal.
  • And whatever else I can think of…

At the end of these 21 days I hope he will see that my love for him has not grown old and tired.  Instead, my love for him and what we have built together is stronger now than ever before.  I hope he will know I am excited and ready to take on this year together doing more amazing things.

So will you join me?  Is there someone in your life who you value?  Someone who could benefit from 21 days of intentional Love?  It does not have to be a spouse.  We all need Love.

Making a cup of coffee; writing a love note and slipping it into their bag; sending a text message in the middle of the day to say, ‘I love you’;  making their favorite meal; taking the time to pause and look into their eyes; telling them how wonderful they are… These are just a few of the intentional things that we can do to show our loved ones that we care.  I hope you’ll join me!  If you are married this is wonderful opportunity to spice up the romance. I guarantee you that at the end of these 21 days your marriage will look and feel new.

So join me and let’s journey together!

All my Love,