I’m Waiting…???

I’m waiting to hear your answer… What are you waiting for to take the first step?

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.


Decide today to take just one little step. As your coach I am not asking you to take all of the steps at one time. I realize that would overwhelm anyone. No. What I am asking however, is that you take one tiny step at a time. Just one for today!

I hear you asking me, “Gwen, what does that look like?”

My reply, “I am so glad you asked.” It looks like putting your hands to your purpose for just 10 minutes today. That’s it. That’s all. As your coach I am asking you to set a time for 10 minutes and go to work doing something that fits or aligns with the reason why you are on this earth.

Now that you have a clear picture of what I am asking of you. You may be tempted to question my request. You may even be tempted to doubt me. That’s okay, I anticipated this reaction. So let me share with you what I know. I know that you will resist throwing yourself into purpose 100% if you have been resisting your purpose for any length of time. My goal is for you to take bite sized pieces. As you nibble your appetite for fulfilling your purpose will swell so big that it consumes you. Once you are consumed then Purpose has you. The end goal….