The Gift of Presence

Our children need us to be present. They need us present for their failures, successes and all of the lessons in between.

As a parent of three, I understand the challenges that come along with providing the best for our children. We want to give them the best home environment, the best meals, clothes, education and love. We want to protect them and keep them safe; but we still want them to grow.

Oftentimes, in our hustle to ‘make it all good,’ we miss the most important thing. PRESENCE… More than anything else our children need us to be present. They need our time, our eyes, our ears, our hands, our arms and most of all our attention. They need us to see them, feel them and to know them. And the only way that we can truly do this is by being present. 

Give it a try. See the magic of your presence in their lives today. We often say that our children need us to SHOW UP. But in order to show up you must BE UP. We have to be awake in order to experience what is going on.

Today’s Challenge: Be Present

See them, hear them, feel them… Pay attention to them… Our Children. They need us.


Celebrating Love…


This year we were intentional about how we celebrated Valentine’s Day as a family. My husband and I went out of our way to make sure everyone felt special. We enjoyed a deliciously beautiful dinner, dessert and conversation. The excitement was high among all three children as we dined by beautiful candle light.

As a wife and mother my cup was full. It was a true blessing to see how much joy I could bring to my entire family. It was simple. I simply agreed, in my heart, to serve my gifts to my family, FIRST.

The gift of love through service is amazing.  It has the power to heal and to fill.

Ask yourself this question:  Where am I serving my gifts FIRST?

All my Love,