Celebrating Love…


This year we were intentional about how we celebrated Valentine’s Day as a family. My husband and I went out of our way to make sure everyone felt special. We enjoyed a deliciously beautiful dinner, dessert and conversation. The excitement was high among all three children as we dined by beautiful candle light.

As a wife and mother my cup was full. It was a true blessing to see how much joy I could bring to my entire family. It was simple. I simply agreed, in my heart, to serve my gifts to my family, FIRST.

The gift of love through service is amazing.  It has the power to heal and to fill.

Ask yourself this question:  Where am I serving my gifts FIRST?

All my Love,



Savor the Moment…

I have been in the fine city of Austin, TX with my husband for the past few days. This morning I had the pleasure of enjoying this beautiful latte.  It was both beautiful and amazing (a perfect smooth blend)!!!

The best part…  Being able to simply pause and savor every sip. Life is fast paced.  Choose to slow down every now and again and savor the special moments!